Episode 14

On The Spot Featuring Pavi Dinamani and Nammy Sirur, co-founder of The 9to5Misfits


November 8th, 2018

26 mins 49 secs

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In today's episode of On The Spot, we had the opportunity to sit down with the dynamic duo Pavi Dinamani and Nammy Sirur, the creators behind The 9to5Misfits, a YouTube channel helping women kick ass in their career and build their personal brand.
They also co-founded Misfit Communications, a marketing and production company making videos for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their aim is to build trust with their clients' audiences and expand their networks by focusing on personal branding and storytelling through video. In 2016, Pavi and Nammy became unemployed and decided to tell the world about it through their YouTube channel, The9to5Misfits. That's when they learned the power of storytelling, which inspired them to launch Misfit Comm. Prior to co-founding their business, Pavi worked as an oil & gas engineer. For Nammy, her groundbreaking moment happened in 2014 when she watched a TED talk that emphasized how most people stay at their jobs out of fear.

"I was in Austin for about 6 months at this job that completely kicked my butt because I had gone from a corporate background to working at an agency and had never before done any creative work before even though I was good at it, it was a completely new way of working. It really taught me what my skills were and what my passion was. So when Pavi told me, 'Hey I got laid off,' it was a no-brainer for me because I was primed by that point to actually say 'Hey, I think I'm ready to be an entrepreneur and take the biggest leap of my life,' because I had taken all of these small leaps before that." --Nammy Sirur

"Our first client is when we were like "Oh wait, we need to consider this as an actual revenue source and something to build." I don't think it was just because we made videos, it's because of the way we shared our stories, made ourselves look like heroes even though we were the losers, we didn't have a job [and that] really struck a chord with a lot of people." --Pavi Dinamani

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