Episode 17

On The Spot Featuring Valerie Sarron, owner of VS Photography


December 6th, 2018

18 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

On today's episode of On The Spot with Melinda Garvey, we sat down with Valerie Sarron, the owner of VS Photography, a photography studio that specializes in beauty and boudoir. Valerie says she knew she discovered a medium she was passionate about after photographing one of her first boudoir sessions with a close friend in preparation for her wedding day. When news of her client's session spread, soon all of her friends were requesting to book theirn own boudoir experience with her, which is when she realized she could make a business out of it.

"A lot of my sessions become very emotional for both me and the client. Whether we're getting over and insecurity or just highlighting your confidence that was already their, it's just a really empowering experience on both sides."

She says if she could go back in time to the early days when she was starting out, she'd tell herself to not be so scared to make the big jump into owning a business. Boudoir photography is an intimate interpretation of portraiture and encourages women to embrace their confidence and unique beauty while creating lasting memories. Valerie knows how important it is to make her clients feel comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. Her professional background involves blogging and editing, which is what she studied in college.

Key takeaways:

_"I think in the beginning stages (of entrepreneurship), you kind of lack the confidence of just what you're putting out there. I remember in the beginning, I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before I started. I didn't even start marketing myself before I had everything; all my gear, all of my website looking perfect, my studio, all my forms, just every little detail had to be absolutely perfect before I could begin creating. And I think that's a common thing that happens with creative business in particular. I think that people think everything has to be in place before they can begin, and if I could go back and sort of start over, I would just start so much sooner. You grow your business little by little, and learn from those beginning stages. You don't have to have this entire huge business plan already before you can start creatingand really putting yourself out there." _

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