Episode 19

On The Spot Featuring Andrea Dinnick, founder and CEO of DESAVERY


December 20th, 2018

22 mins 52 secs

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In today's episode of On The Spot with Melinda Garvey, we sat down with Andrea Dinnick, the CEO & Founder of DESAVERY.
DESAVERY is a wellness brand of serums specially formulated with botanical ingredients to enhance the body's inherent biochemistry. It's skincare that goes beyond the surface to enrich body, mood and mind. Jill says she's always had an entrepreneurial streak and she loves building and creating things, so the idea of starting her own businesses was never a foreign concept for her. She co-founded a business several years ago, and when the partnership stopped working, she made the difficult decision to walk away. Slowly, she put together the pieces of DESAVERY, and while she thought the revenue and sales would be the best part, the best part is when someone tells her how much they love the product. At 50 years old, she now posseses the energy and self-confidence to run her own business.

"I find selling and talking about my products very easy. Put me in a room in front of a thousand people and I'm so hapy to talk about it. Most people would have a hard time with that, or many would. But then there's other things that I'm very cautious with in terms of growing the business, and that's something that I've got to get over.
There's always going to be things that you're uncomfortable with and you have to recognize that and kind of cut the emotion out of it and say, 'this isn't about feeling comfortable or uncomfortable, you need to do this for your business, so just get out and do it."

Key takeaways:

"Just get out and do it. Talking about it and harboring some secret desire to do something or thinking you've got half an idea buy you're not really sure, I kind of want to say to people, 'well you're not going to get to the whole idea until you start trying to execute half of that idea because then the other half may come along and you don't know until you start doing it.
There is no half-way doing this. You can have half an idea and start developing to get to the whole idea but you can't do it unless you start, and you have to start."

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A few months into her new venture, Andrea found herself in the grocery store around 7 pm surrounded by her neighbours who were returning home at the end of their workday. In that moment, she saw everything she missed about not working in an office: stylish clothes, smart brief cases and blow-dried hair. Since she knew she wasn’t going to be getting an office anytime soon, she made working from home work for her. Click here to learn more about how you can make working from home work for you!

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