Episode 26

On The Spot Featuring Brittany Packnett, Activist and Vice President of National Community Alliances & Engagement at Teach For America


February 14th, 2019

23 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

On today's episode of On The Spot, we sit down with the powerhouse Brittany Packnett, known for her work as the National VP for Teach for America, co-host of Crooked Media’s Pod Save the People podcast, and outspoken intersectional #BlackLivesMatter activist. As a child, her parents played a critical role in her journey. Their activism and philanthropy showed Brittany the importance of utilizing your privilege in order to expand access to people, a responsibility Brittany takes very seriously.

_"Whatever the platform, I believe my work is all about teaching and speaking truth that moves people to action, that moves people to do good work in the world, and my pathway to that certainly has been deeply inspired by the folks that I was raised by and by the communities that I had the privilege to serve." _

Brittany discusses how intersectionality is key for white women and women of color working together for the betterment of all women. She also discusses her role models and what she admires in other women, includeing Oprah Winfrey for her quiet contributions to the Black community, her mother for constantly reminding her that excellence can always be achieved, and friends who are younger than her for their inspirational work and many more.

As someone as busy as Brittany, it can be difficult to find a work-life balance. To unplug, Brittany loves to cook and travels frequently. One thing she emphasizes is how important it is for her to spend time with loved ones while traveling.

What’s next for Brittany?
Brittany is currently writing a book and has been collecting speeches by black women for the past few years. She says the book will be part anthology and part essays of reflection. Her book will be titled We Are Like Those Who Dream, and is set to be released next spring. She’s also has plans of getting married in the Fall! Congratulations!

Key Takeaways:

_“I think it’s important that when we look for role models; that we don’t just look to wealthy people, that we don’t even just look to people who are older than us. There is inspiration all around us if we actually just take the time to look.” _

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