Episode 32

The Real Secret To Healthy Eating: Featuring Nicole Centeno


March 28th, 2019

18 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Healthy eating is not a fad or trend. It's a mindset.

[04:16] >“I definitely do have a passion for translating what I learned in my life to actionable tools and resources for other people. That’s what gets me really excited.”

Today on On the Spot we interviewed Nicole Centeno, founder and CEO of Splendid Spoon, a program for everyone else sick of fad diets, and ready to improve their relationships with food. Tune in with us and learn about Nicole's mission, the importance of the "how" versus the "what," and the dangers of putting too much pressure on yourself not just in regard to being healthy, but also when it comes to starting and running a business.

[6:44] >“I really believe that whether it’s with Splendid Spoon or another product, we all have that common wisdom, and by tapping into it and focusing on habits instead of trends, we can feel more confident everyday with the choices we make with our food[…]”

Healthy habits are hard to form when you don't know how to develop them, so let's learn how one small step at a time.

Learn more about Splendid Spoon here: https://splendidspoon.com/

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