Episode 33

From Outsider to Fashion Insider: Featuring Sandra Makarem


April 4th, 2019

19 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Fashion is a tough industry to jump into.

Today on On the Spot, we sit down with Sandra Makarem, Founder & CEO of Collective Child, a premium and highly in-demand personalized shopping service for luxury childrenswear. To get a better idea of just how much business is booming: there is an instant 1,500 person and nearly 2 year waitlist!

Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about Sandra's countless years of experience in the fashion industry and how diversity, failure, and empowerment have played a role in the success of Collective Child.

As a Venezuelan woman, immigrant, and an outsider in the industry, Sandra discusses her journey and how her experiences have helped her grow into the person she is today.

[7:20] >“I think you need to diversify the people that you’re surrounded with because the reality is that in life you will encounter different types of personalities and, so you need to understand what your relationship is in those moments and really listen to those diverse and different opinions and be open to understanding what that might mean for different people.”

Sometimes failure can lead to more promising opportunities, but it’s up to you to take the leap of faith and pursue what you’re truly passionate about, and Sandra did just that!

[18:13] >“Because you need to do you. You need to be exactly who you want to be and whatever shape way or form that is.”

Learn more about Collective Child by going to their website: https://www.thecollectivechild.com/
Check out their Instagram for an adorable look at their overall aesthetic: @thecollectivechild

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