Defy Expectations and Defend Your Passion: Featuring Adaire Byerly


May 28th, 2020

27 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

After working in the modeling and acting industry for over a decade, Adaire Byerly observed the
normalized, unprofessional patterns and behaviors that surrounded her career. Inspired by the
observations she made in the industry, she went into researching the specific details that surround the creative mind.

She is the CEO & Founder of Entertainment Mindframe™, which specializes in research
and implementation of Cognitive Sciences into intellectual and developmental training for
professionals in the Fashion and Entertainment industry. Ultimately, she is pathing the way for
understanding the brain function of a Creative.

Adaire has worked with Talent Agencies, Production/Broadcast Companies, Fashion/Creative
Teams, etc. In doing so, she has been able to help them optimize creativity, best business practices
and individual/company growth. All the while, enhancing professionalism.

Byerly on how the ongoing pandemic affects the natural processes of our minds:
_15:45 “We're built to be engineers. We're built to figure out things. That's the way the human mind is built. And when we are faced with uncertainty and we don't have any opportunity to. Strategically figure that out. Our fear level, it just goes through the roof. And it's supposed to, because our brains were created to keep us alive, and if we don't know what's out there, that means danger. That equates to danger. So the fear is just our body saying there's a perceived threat out there somewhere because we don't know what it is, and nobody likes living in that. So yeah, that's, that's heightened for everybody right now.”

Byerly on the push back she had on her interests because of societal labels pushed on her:
_17:10 “I've learned this too with neuroscience, which it kind of helps me understand and not take things so personally as we're always kind of scanning people to see where they belong. We're always trying to put people into categories and you see me and you're like, okay, so she models… She's biracial… You know what I mean? And then it's like she belongs here and here, but she doesn't belong here. So I think people have a hard time with that alone, saying "How in the world is a model going to talk about science?"..the transition, I did have a lot of fear that, to be completely honest with you, and it stopped me from starting for years."

Byerly's advice on defending your passions:
_21:40 “So I have actually stopped wasting my time talking to people, even if it's friends or family members. These are people I love. I stopped wasting my time explaining to them my vision and my purpose because it's not for them and it's just for me to pursue.”

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