Leadership and Life Hacks: Featuring Alyssa Rapp


January 16th, 2020

32 mins 2 secs

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Life is complicated, can you hack it? We all lead busy lives with conflicting responsibilities. How can we succeed at work and at home? Alyssa Rapp knows better than anyone that sometimes we need shortcuts, work-arounds, and work-throughs to navigate the different spheres of everyday life. In other words: hacks.

During her visit to Austin, TX we sat down with Alyssa for a live interview and Q & A. As a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur & Executive, Alyssa shares her go-to strategies for balancing life and leadership.

On Women Entering the Workplace Again:
_12:40- I think anyone who goes from a full blown pacing-mile to a stop, back to the same pace is a pretty hard thing to do... My advice is pretty consistenly to do some side projects. _

On leaving jobs:
21:13 People show you early on who they are in relationships. Pay attention.

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