ATTN LADIES You Don't Have To "Fit In" : Featuring Andrea Seemayer


February 6th, 2020

19 mins 44 secs

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A.Lynn Founder, Andrea Seemayer, takes us through the ins and outs of the fashion industry and talks battles she conquered to make her size inclusive apparel company. From acknowledging the major inequality between sizes that are available in women's and men's apparel to talking about the importance of having a team, Seemayer's tenacious spirit has the ability to inspire those feeling uncomfortable.

Seemayer on the power that conscious apparel design can do for women:
_11:09: "But I think that giving someone clothes that they can walk out of the door and nothing squeezing too tight, all the lengths are right, they don't have to fidget, they can be confident that it's going to stay on, it's going to be proper all day. Not causing them to have to hide to fix something gives (them) more time on what you really need to focus on the day and less worry on (their) clothes. And you just feel a little bit sexier when it fits right, and you don't have to blame your body for something because I think we tend to blame ourselves when something goes awry instead of blaming the garment."

Seemayer's tips for having your input heard in a male dominated professional enviornment:
_13:20: "So you really have to speak up and be loud and stand up for yourself. Very rarely, if it's a room full of men, do they come and talk to the few women standing in the room. They're going to go to what looks normal to you really have to build up your confidence and be your biggest cheerleader because certainly none of them are going to be."

Seemayer on her life motto, "Teamwork makes the dream work:"
_16:40: " It's really hard, so I always tell people to make sure they're surrounded with support, whether that's employees, a team, or even just a supportive loved one or community. You need people to be able to succeed. Never try to take it all on yourself because you're not going to be the best company you can be if you think that you can do it all."

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