Finding Your Tribe: Featuring Angela Hosking


October 31st, 2019

19 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

One of Angela's mottos is: "If it's not there, go and create it." And her work reflects it.
Angela started Her One Tribe first as a blog, turned it into an ever-growing community of supportive women who are intent on putting an end to the term "mean girls".

Though we've made great progress, the climate for women who are trying to succeed in the workplace can be still be very harsh. Angela started Her One Tribe because she knew the only way to change the world, was for women to empower each other.

She also realized that most of the leadership books that are currently published have been written by men. Woman On Top: Lead Like A Lady Boss is a business leadership guide geared specifically for women who want to capitalize on their fierce femininity.

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"We women have some digging deep to do, and understand the behaviors and things that we do that also lends itself to keeping us in the same place. We tend to be very cognizant of being polite, waiting our turn, waiting to be noticed .... when really what we need to be doing is feeling valued and valuable enough to raise your hand and say 'Hey! I'm ready to go" [9:02]

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