Shattering Plates and Breaking Negative Habits: Featuring Aria Tru


March 12th, 2020

15 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

Sometimes you just need to smash things (especially when it comes to the patriarchy.)

Founder of Women Breaking Plates Aria Tru decided to take the fantasy of breaking plates and make an event that gives a safe space for women to feel a sense of release from the pressures they endure on the daily.

Aria hopes that through these cathartic activites, women can recognize their inner strength to battle personal issues with anger, sadness, and trauma.

Tru on what misconceptions and the goals about the events she hosts:
_05:45 " I wondered how it was going to go at first. You know, I thought, is this violent? Are people angry? What is going to happen? But really what I think found is it's elating. It is absolutely energizing, uplifting. We've spent our whole lives trying to keep it together and pull it together and not break anything and be a good girl. And this gives you the opportunity to take this thing you've been going through, that's been holding you back and smash it to pieces. "

Tru on the best piece of advice she has received and how it has changed her outlook:
_11:20 "I think the thing that I learned that is the most helpful is that everything that we go through, whether it's positive or seemingly negative or seemingly falling apart, everything is in our favor. Everything that's happening constantly (wants) to show you something about yourself or show you where you're not caring about yourself, showing where you're not loving ourselves."

For more information about future Women Breaking Plates events make sure to visit their site at!

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