Investing In Yourself: Featuring Ashland Viscosi


September 26th, 2019

19 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

Ashland Viscosi believes that creativity doesn't stop with an idea, and if you have the right tools and the right support, it can also be turned into a business. After working in film production and also honing her marketing skills at an art-based non-profit, she realized that not enough artists were considering themselves "entrepreneurs".
If more creatives started thinking of their art as a business, they could maximize their clientel and continue to create art for a living.

Creatives Meet Business was founded in 2016 as small roundtable events where people from all different backgrounds could come and find community and support through their business endeavours. Now, creatives and entrepreneurs alike can attend CMBXP, a three day event in Austin, TX featuring workshops, networking opportunities, and an overall goal to bridge the gap between "creative" and "business". They can also listen to the Creatives Meet Business podcast for more industry advice.

For more information on Creatives Meet Business visit:

"How do I make investments in myself, in my surroundings, in my community? Whatever that might be, it's just that long term shift in thinking and what that can help do and create, simply by shifting that mindset alone." [5:35]

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