Mastering Yourself and Overcoming Adversity: Featuring Denise Hamilton


February 13th, 2020

31 mins 19 secs

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Feeling self-sabotaged? Not sure what to do to make the next step towards something greater? WatchHerWork Founder Denise Hamilton begs women asking these questions to first answer her's:

Are you immersing yourself in your craft or waiting for someone to give you the opportunity?

Hamilton created the digital learning platform WatchHerWork in hopes to create a more accessible space for women wanting to learn new skills or ask for advice. It is her goal to help women recognize their gifts, sharpen their skills and gain the courage to overcome and thrive.

Hamilton on the importance of having mentors from all backgrounds:
8:16_"..Let's be honest. We marginalize women after 45 right? We stopped asking them questions. We kind of pushed them to the side, and let's be honest, those are the women that know where the bodies are buried. They know what's really going on, so how do we access them?"

Hamilton on becoming the hero of your own story:
12:28_"The bottom line is you got to decide, are you going to be the princess or the hero?
Right? And I want to be the hero of my story. And we have a whole bunch of women who have been socialized to be a damsel in distress, to sit in the tower and wait for the Prince to save them. And I'm like, Rapunzel, honey: it was your hair. You can be yourself. Get out of the tower."

Hamilton on the current generation of perfectionists:
14:47_"I think one of the most toxic challenges, specifically of our time is we have the worst case of "comparison-itis" I think I've ever seen. I'll be 50 in October and I have never seen it this bad. I'm a keynote speaker, so I speak all over the country and afterwards we'll have women that are waiting to talk to me, you know, and share comments on what I said in my speech. And I gotta tell you 60% of them, "I'm afraid to start." "What if people judge me?" "I don't know how to do it perfectly yet." "I'm waiting to get all my ducks in a row."- And it's like, listen, nobody starts at A, you got to start at a D and work your way up to a C and then push to that B minus, and then like that's the way this goes. And we have, I feel like a whole generation that's waiting for perfection. It's like, get out there, like do it."

Hamilton on breaking societal expectations to help recognize yourself:
18:11_" But we'd been socialized via martyr, these self-sacrificing, put everybody else first. I believe firmly. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

To learn more about Denise Hamilton and Watch her work, make sure to visit her site at

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