Reasons Why Over Thinking Is Holding You Back: Featuring Elaine Agather


March 5th, 2020

23 mins 32 secs

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The hardest battle to fight is the one against yourself. Often we find ourselves holding back on pursuing opportunities because of different factors caused by being a perfectionist. Our guest this week suggests the first step towards great experiences is to stop waiting for things to be "perfect."

This week on The See It To Be It Podcast, we talk to JP Morgan Chase's Dallas Region Chairwoman and Managing Director Elaine Agather. She shares with us her stories of her professional growth and what she learned along the way towards climbing the company ladder.

Agather on perfectionist tendencies she left behind:
_07:43 "It's so important not to have to wait for something perfect because it's hard to find perfect. And man, I can't imagine if I hadn't jumped on (those opportunities.)"

Agather on the how to handle generational changes technologically and culturally in the workplace:
_13:07 " And that is important if you're gonna stay relevant. And if you're gonna stay, you know, connected to your people, you have to listen to them and you have to keep adapting."

Agather on the greatest asset you can receive to get better, feedback and criticism:
_14:08 "So I think it's really important and I think that's where honestly, women need to make sure they are open to (feedback), and they ask for it. It takes effort and energy for a manager to give you feedback and it's much easier for somebody to just ignore some of the little things or move on. But when you really want to get better and become great, you want those things."

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