Bringing Business Together Through Events: Featuring Erin Sauter of From Day One


May 30th, 2019

17 mins 29 secs

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Tune in to today's episode of On the Spot where we sit down with Erin Sauter of From Day One, an events company and journalism platform forging relationships between employees, customers and communities.

As we continue to live in a world of emails and blogs, events can be a great way to bring people together in a more authentic manner. Meetings and conferences today tend to be siloed and no one is having integrated conversations about business. Marketing departments often attend marketing conferences, HR teams attend HR workshops- but what would happen if all the stakeholders of a business got together to talk about issues such as diversity, inclusion and the future? From Day One is here to make that happen.


"We feel that big organizations have the biggest opportunity to make a huge impact." [2:18]

"The hustle mentality is almost glamourized today." [9:45]

For from Erin Sauter, visit:
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Tune in to On The Spot next Thursday when we sit down with Erin Sauter Co-Founder of From Day One

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