Stories from The First Women's History Library in the USA: Featuring Leah Leach


March 19th, 2020

22 mins 26 secs

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Women in history are more than names and dates, they are stories to be inspired by.

This week on See It To Be It, we talk to founder of Gal's Guide to the Galaxy Leah Leach. Gal's Guide opened the first-ever lending-library dedicated to women's history in America. Their mission is to preserve, collect and share women's history.

Leach spent months in search for reading material about women in history that was otherwise hidden or obselte. After her and the non-profits tireless fundraising efforts, Gal's Guide was able to open their first location in early March 2020. With enough funding to keep them open for a year, the sky is the limit for this boss lady.

Leach on her greatest inspiration for developing the library:
_04:44 " I believe in the see it to be it. You've gotta be able to see somebody doing the thing that you want to do to be able to envision it for yourself. And I wasn't taught women's history in school. My daughters, to a certain extent, still are not taught women's history in school."

Leach on working hard and never giving up, even when the process is lagging:
_13:14 'It went from crickets to, you know, just a whirlwind of cheers and celebration, and I'm like, "there's everybody!" I was wondering where they were. Sometimes it just takes awhile. You got to be in it to win it though. You never know. "

For more information about Gals Guide, make sure to visit!

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