Reclaim Your Life: Featuring Leslie Morgan


June 3rd, 2019

24 mins 7 secs

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Tune in to today's episode of On the Spot where we sit down with Leslie Morgan, author, speaker, mother and feminist.

Leslie Morgan Steiner is a thought leader on women’s leadership, work-life balance, inspirational parenting, overcoming adversity and surviving violence against women. She lives in Washington, DC. She recently completed her fourth nonfiction book, The Naked Truth, which explores female aging and sexuality after motherhood and divorce. Her corporate experience includes The Washington Post, Johnson & Johnson, Leo Burnett and Seventeen Magazine.

"Go be your own fairy god-mother, grant yourself your own wishes, and get out there and live your life."

Why Domestic Violence Victims Don't Leave: TED, Leslie Morgan
Womanhood. Unvarnsihed: Leslie Morgan Website

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