Creating The Optimal Car-Buying Experience for Women with Lisa Copeland


June 27th, 2019

23 mins 13 secs

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Lisa Copeland is a former automotive dealership principal and award-winning sales expert with more than two dozen years of experience. In addition, Lisa is an international keynote speaker, television personality, iHeart Radio host of the Cars Her Way talk show, best-selling author, podcast host and Fox Business automotive contributor.

Lisa works with automotive dealers and auto manufacturers worldwide to help them better understand the female consumer and create traditional and digital marketing strategies that appeal to the number one influencer in the world—HER! Lisa is a renowned expert and advocate for female consumers. Her call-in Cars Her Way talk show on iHeart Radio airs Sunday afternoons, and during the show Lisa and her co-host, Chris Martinez, help women navigate the often-murky waters of car buying. Her latest book Buying Cars Her Way—Don’t Go to The Dealership Alone is a practical guide for all consumers to take charge of their car buying experience.

Lisa on working with women in sales:
"For women, it isn't what you sell it's what you stand for. If you stand for something big enough, they'll buy what you're selling." [6:06 ]

On Entrepreneurship:
"You know you have a business when you solve a problem and fufil a need." [7:01]

"It sounds so cliche, but my biggest pieces of advice is to never give up." [18:15]

Learm more about Lisa and her inspirational story at

Next week is a holiday so we'll be taking a little break, but join us later in July for some more conversations with relatable role models.

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