Lessons on Trailblazing And Uplifting Other Women: Featuring Lolis Garcia-Baab of Girl Scouts USA


April 2nd, 2020

31 mins 42 secs

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This week on See It To Be It, we sit down with Lolis Garcia-Baab, Movement Media Director and Spokesperson at Girl Scouts USA.

As the Movement Media Director, she is responsible for planning, directing and managing all the marketing and communications of the council. Lolis has a history of helping young women; prior to joining the Girl Scouts, she helped found the Girls Now! Conference after her daughter was being bullied in school and she couldn't find any adequate resources or assistance to help. The one-day event explores encountering bullying and body image.

On this episode she talks with us about the days before she realized she was an "entrepreneur," her experience raising feminist children, and lessons she thinks grown adults still have yet to learn.

Garcia-Baas on the superpower all women have:
_06:29 "I do think that women have this unique ability to see the world through the prism of what’s good for my family, what good for my community, what’s good for the world."

Garcia-Baab on lessons adults can learn from their children:
_12:24 "And I think that when you're raising the next generation, you not only have to give them lessons, but you have to internalize those lessons as well and see where they lead you because you're not done when you're 40 you're not done. When you're 50 you're not doing."

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