Networking With A Twist: Featuring Paulina Karpis


August 15th, 2019

21 mins 50 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

After starting her career off in marketing, Paulina was shocked to see many entry-level jobs replaced by computers. Whole sectors that used to take up entire floors had been reduced to small offices with 7-8 employees. Who knew how long it would be before her job was obsolete, too?

She knew she had to act fast, but going back to school for an MBA seemed like a major investment with minor payoff. With the money she would spend on tuition, she could start her own business! From there, Brunchwork was born.

Brunchwork revolutionized networking. With a current, bleak economic market, networking for millenials has become more important than ever. Brunchwork makes networking easier, more accessible, and fun for "up-and-coming executives, entrepreneurs, and game-changers."

Learn more about Brunchwork here:

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