We Need Women in STEM: Featuring Randi Zuckerberg


November 14th, 2019

23 mins 20 secs

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of the new See It To Be It podcast, formerly On The Spot with Melinda Garvey! Our very first guest is Randi Zuckerberg, an inspiration and advocate for women in tech everywhere.

While Facebook was still just a start-up, Randi was there from the beginning helping out Mark Zuckerberg with marketing. By the end of her time there, she created Facebook Live, the social network's first introduction to live broadcasting.

One of the biggest challenges she faced in Silicon Valley was the shockingly low amount of women in tech compared to her home in New York. She says "... the glass ceiling was really low. If I sat up I'm was gonna bump my head on it!."

Since then, Randi has devoted so much of her work to teaching young girls interested in STEM, and investing in female-led start-ups.

Most recently, she launched Zuckerberg Institute - the virtual hub for entrepreneur's that offers mentorship, online sessions to build important skills, and even small-group intensives and all-day seminars all with the same goal of helping you build your business.

Randi's favorite job is being a mom to her 3 kids. Though she travels a lot, she always makes time to play boardgames with her husband and children, even if it's on Facetime!

For more on Randi and the Zuckerberg Institute, visit:

"By the end of next year... there will be 1 million open technology jobs that are just sitting open, that can't be filled because there aren't enough people graduating with the skills and degrees to fill those jobs. So here we are sitting in maybe a recession economy with a million high-paying jobs just sitting open. It really is a crisis level of getting more young girls and women to focus on these areas." [12:18]

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