Sandy Forster on Going from Welfare to Manifesting Millions


March 4th, 2021

25 mins 36 secs

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This week on the See It To Be It podcast, we speak with Sandy Forster, a successful business woman from down under that has mastered money manifestation.

Sandy shares how she never really had that BIG dream growing up of what she wanted to do or who she wanted to be. She jokes that her dream was simply to leave school and get to the beach. Sandy caught the travel bug at a young age when her family decided to travel the world for 10 months before moving to Queensland.

She didn’t begin extensive traveling until her late 20s. Sandy’s traveling did not consist of five-star restaurants and fancy restaurants, she traveled with the purpose of gaining endless experiences. She discusses her day-to-day life and how normal it actually is despite having wild and dangerous traveling tales. As shocking as it may be, she refers to herself as an introvert so when she does travel, she wants that adventure and the excitement that she doesn’t experience every day.

After accidentally landing a job as an aerobics teacher, Sandy credits herself for really getting the Aerobics era started within Australia. One of her first business ventures consisted of designing leotards and swimwear to fit this trend as they were previously unavailable in her country. She considered this a hobby business, but it soon became her full-time business after her divorce from her partner of more than 11 years. In the process of trying to make this her full-time business she realized that she lacked business experience and soon ended up $100,000 in debt. With two kids, being a single mother, and on welfare, Sandy had to figure out her next move.

She found that she had a knack for personal development and soon fell into life coaching. She admits originally entering this field because she wanted to save herself. One thing led to another and she discovered the law of attraction. After she found a way to combine the law of attraction with her life coaching business as well as Internet marketing, it took off. Around 2003, she had the concept to start a mentoring program for women which was one of the first of its time. She became passionate about helping people grow their finances through manifestation and helping women specifically. She states that her passion now is working with women that feel stuck, she teaches them to marry the metaphysical and the practical in order to get the results they desire.

Sandy wraps up by reminding us that you can never give up, that uncomfortable feeling could mean that your dream is just around the corner. She stresses the importance of persistence, rewiring your brain, and understanding that the universal law states that what you desire will come to you.

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Sandy on falling into the trap of comparison:
“We compare the worst of ourselves against the best of everyone else and think we’re lacking, whereas everyone’s got something going on, everyone’s got their own struggles…”

Sandy on manifesting successfully:
“So when you marry the mindset, the metaphysical with the practical, that is really when everything can happen.”

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