Revolutionizing Skincare: Featuring Siqi Mou


October 17th, 2019

21 mins 52 secs

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Skincare is one of the most important areas in the realm of beauty, and it's also one of the hardest to master! More often than not, trying out a new skincare product can lead to disappointment, or worst, breakouts. With all the new technology constantly emerging all over the world, Siqi knew that there had to be a better way!

And there was, but no one had done it yet.

In 2016, HelloAva was born as the first AI skincare consultant that can actually read a person's skin to find products that are the best match for them.

When she's not busy running a million-dollar company, you can find Siqi serving as a music ambassador for Carnegie Hall, as she is a seasoned concert pianist.

For more on HelloAva, visit the link below:


"I had to take a chance on myself and not worry about 'What if this fails?' or 'What if this doesn't go well?' because those moments will come, but then we will figure it out" [23:15]

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