Using Your Artistry To Promote Visibility: Featuring Tia Williams


February 20th, 2020

19 mins 6 secs

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This week on See It To Be It, we talk to writer and director Tia Williams about her experience developing her web series "Gentrified." Set in Austin, TX, the series follows three millenials encountering personal hardships while experiencing the affects of gentrification. Williams reminds us that through art, one could help people gain more understanding of difficult issues in their community.

Williams on the effectiveness of explaining issues through character driven stories:
_3:12 ”For me, I always think that if people have or can see exactly what's happening, it's easier to tie to someone emotionally versus just constantly talk about stats. Instead of turning people into numbers, we get to truly understand the nature of what another human beings going through.”

Williams on the usage of terms like "Diversity" and "Inclusion" in professional settings:
_6:29 “To me, what it feels like is that diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords. It's thrown out there. So that there's this facade of, ‘Hey, we're diverse,’ you know, ‘we're on track.’ But internally, those changes aren't really happening.”

Williams on what inspires her to keep filmmaking:
_7:47 “It's more so about. How can I help the community? What can I do to give back? How can I use my artistry to be someone else's voice? And that's more so what was important to me.”

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