Episode 12

On The Spot Featuring Baily Hancock, Collaboration Consultant


October 25th, 2018

26 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

For this episode of #OnTheSpot, we sat down the collaboration consultant, Baily Hancock to discuss millennial women finding their place in the workplace and in their careers.
As a Collaboration Consultant, fellow Podcaster and Workshop Instructor, Baily helps people collaborate with their community to achieve their goals; whether that's making a career change or growing their business through Baily Hancock HQ.

When Baily first began collaboration consulting, she launched her first course called "The Career Experiment," where she had only one person signed up for it. This failure propelled her to work harder the second time around, and her hard work paid off: she promoted her second online course, "The 1-Year Career" much more, and thus began her road to entrepreneurship.

To learn more and to follow Baily, head over to [bailyhancock.com](bailyhancock.com) and subscribe to her podcast The Baily Hancock show available on iTunes and Google Play Music!

Our key takeaways from our convo with Baily: Stay "approachable, adaptable, and flexible."

"Women by nature are naturally collaborative. We have always since the dawn of time, had to work with each other to survive." -- Baily Hancock

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