The Journey to Diversity & Inclusion: Featuring Ada-Renee Johnson


April 16th, 2020

29 mins 26 secs

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Diversity and inclusion are not a destination, but rather a journey.

Our guest, Ada-Renee Johnson is no stranger to the journey of promoting diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. This episode she tells us about the ever evolving stages of diversity and inclusion initiaives in major companies around the world, and how we still have so much to go to insure equality in the work setting.

As the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Business Partner at Google, she collaborates with executives to drive cultural shifts, centering equity and inclusion. After being a part of the Google Team for almost 9 years, we believe this powerhouse of a woman is the best example of a passionate spirit inspiring change in the professional world.

Tune in for Ada's insight into what changes we might anticipate from the post-pandemic corporate world and what we may learn from this unexpected experience.

Johnson on the evolving nature of diversity and inclusion initiatives:
_09:33 "..if we think about this space, the diversity space 10 years ago, there are communities that were not accounted for 10 years ago that we're very much so making sure that we are accounting for them now. We're making sure that LGBTQIA is accounted for. We're making sure that persons with disabilities are accounted for. We're making sure that veterans are recognized and accounted for. It is more than just gender. It is more than just race. It's the intersectionality of all of those."

Johnson's question for people feeling pressured by public perception:
_21:33 " it that you haven't thought about it because you want to respond to the perceptions of this world or do you want people to respond to you for what you can offer?"

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