Creative Problem Solving: Featuring Jenn Graham


August 1st, 2019

25 mins 47 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Jenn always knew she wanted to help people, but she wasn't sure how to do that and express herself creatively. Then it hit her. Literally, when a parallel grate collided with her bike's tire and sent her flying over the handle bars.

Moving forward, Jenn made it her mission to solve the grate problem, and many, many others through design campaigns that would help make positive social impact. Thus, Aha! Strategy and Civic Dinners were born.

With Aha! Strategy, Jenn wanted to create the bridge that takes great ideas and makes them a reality through "powerful messaging and well-designed communication."

And with Civic Dinners, she wanted to create a space where anyone could start a conversation about any idea... over food!

Learn more about Aha! Strategy and Civic Dinners at:

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