Rebecca Powers on the Unstoppability of Women That Find Their Voice


May 6th, 2021

27 mins 14 secs

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This week on See It To Be It podcast, Melinda speaks with author, speaker, and social entrepreneur; Rebecca Powers. Rebecca is based here in Austin, Texas and has made a HUGE impact within the community throughout her years of philanthropy.

She begins this episode discussing her "big dream" in life and how this was to simply go to college and be a good student with good grades. Rebecca began her college career believing she wanted to be a physician but she quickly moved into business after doing poorly in her first science class.

Starting off her post-college career in sales with IBM she faced objections being a woman in the field, but quickly overcame that and went on to have a 14 yearlong successful career with them. From there, Rebecca stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. She found inspiration after seeing a group of women come together and give back to their community, Rebecca felt that if she could do something similar then it would heal the hole in her heart allowing her to move on with her life after experiencing family tragedy. Little did she know, this would lead her down a long road of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Impact Austin began as a small group of women wanting to make a change and grew into a huge organization putting 7 million dollars towards underserved citizens of Austin. This once small group turned into a group of powerful women supporting women. Rebecca ran and grew this organization for 10 years before letting go of her leadership role and moving into a new chapter. She discusses the struggles of leaving behind Impact Austin and coming to terms with someone else running the organization that she was so passionate about.

Rebecca began a book 10 years ago chronicling her journey with Impact Austin, her original intent was for it to remain in a hope chest for her children to read one day. She was convinced by a fellow woman to turn that into a memoir and allow other people to read this and learn from the vulnerable story that Ms. Powers had to tell. She reflects on never dreaming of being an author but how satisfied she is with this journey. Rebecca Powers book, Trust Your Cape: How Women Find Their Power in Giving Back will be released on May 25th. This book emphasizes women finding their cape and their voice and using it to be unstoppable.

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Trust Your Cape: How Women Find Their Power in Giving Back will be available on Amazon on May 25th!

Rebecca Powers on advice she received when coming to terms with stepping down from Impact Austin:
“You cannot grab the next trapeze until you let go of the one you’re holding onto and until you let both hands go, impact Austin will not move forward and you will not be able to get to what’s next.”

Rebecca Powers on her belief that things will work out:
“If I do the right things, the right things happen and I don’t know where those opportunities will be but they will come.”

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