Food Stamps to Farmbox Direct: Ashley Tryner's Journey to Becoming the CEO of an Online Produce Company


November 5th, 2020

17 mins 45 secs

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This week on See It To Be It, we talk to Ashley Tryner, the founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct and FarmboxRx.

Ashley shares her journey of growing up on a farm, dropping out of college, marrying young and getting divorced while pregnant. With no savings or idea of what she was going to do, she ended up on food stamps.

She decided to move to New York City and got a job in the fashion industry.

Soon she realized that, even though she was in New York City, there was difficulty finding fresh produce. She said she always loved agriculture and decided to save her money for a couple of years and start her own company, Farmbox Direct.

Farmbox Direct was one of the first companies in New York that offered grocery delivery.

Ashley discusses how she became an advocate to help eradicate the food desert problem in America. She also petitioned the USDA to allow companies to take food stamps online.

She was introduced to Sam Cass, former chef to President Obama and senior advisor to Michelle Obama for nutrition in America.

Ashley talks about where she thinks the food delivery service will go in the future and how it has provided so many homes, especially during COVID, with food on their tables.

She touches on her two new ventures, FarmboxRx and Harlow's Harvest, which is a business she launched with her daughter to promote healthy eating and cooking for kids!

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Ashley on what has encouraged her throughout the years:
— "I think my biggest advice is I always refer to myself that I'm a rhinoceros, right? So, rhinoceroses, they can't turn around, they can't look behind, they can only charge forward."

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