Kiana Danial: Getting Fired From Wall Street to Becoming A Finance Tycoon


October 1st, 2020

26 mins 2 secs

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This week on See It To Be It, we talk to Kiana Danial, who is an award winning internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert and author.

Kiana had two dreams... to become an astronaut and an author. Originally she wanted to follow in her dad's footsteps, and studied electrical engineering in college in Japan. After being the only girl in her class for six years, she realized that engineering and math were not in her life plan.

Kiana explains how her path changed to finance and the misconception that in order to be in finance, you have to be good at math.

She took a job as a financial planner, working in Wall Street. She explains she didn't know finance was a male dominated field, since everything she knew about America was from the movies. In Iran, which is where she was born and grew up, it is actually common for women to be in STEM, finance, engineering and other fields typically associated with men in America.

Kiana explains her time at Wall Street during the 2008 market crash, getting fired from her job, working in a male dominated field and finally starting her own business.

She know thrives to help women invest and manage their wealth.

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Kiana on investing myths and stereotypes:
_16:10:74 "And I say mentality because if you're a good shopper, if you're a bargain shopper, you're gonna be a good investor. Because that's what investing is all about. It's about finding good deals. And women by nature are by far better investors ."

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