SheFactor Founders on their Entrepreneurship Journey and Building their Brand


February 4th, 2021

24 mins 2 secs

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This week on the See It To Be It podcast, we talk to Heidi and Tori Ganahl, a mother daughter duo turned female entrepreneurs!

Heidi shares her journey to becoming a businesswoman. The start of her entrepreneur spirit was with Camp Bow Wow in 2000, which is a day care and boarding school for dogs. Camp Bow Wow has now grown into 160 camps in North America and holds the lead in the continents largest pet care franchise.

Tori Ganahl graduated from the University of Oregon when she was left feeling lost and unsure of what her passion was in life. Tori became the guinea pig for her mom’s book She Factor to really see if this methodology would actually work for young women struggling through this stage of life. Needless to say, it does. Her life did a complete 180.

In 2019, Heidi and Tori launched their lifestyle brand called SheFactor. SheFactor is a platform for young women craving a sense of community, growth, and purpose. Their overarching goal is to inspire women to become confident, successful leaders of their own lives- their “Journey to She”.

Tori explains that finding your passion in life is the driving factor into becoming an entrepreneur and a successful young woman. She adds that the most success you will ever have is by trusting your intuition and not letting outside voices get in the way of your vision.

Heidi tells us that she has learned how the younger generation learns, engages and communicates from Tori.

Heidi and Tori discuss how SheFactor has transformed from live in person events to all digital and how they have navigated the transition to all online.

Heidi concludes with the future of SheFactor, their goal is to keep growing their movement and to reach out to other brands to partner and grow their community. SheFactor has reached 1 million women in the first year and now their goal is the reach 5 million in five years.

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Tori on finding your place and creating your own path in life as a woman:
“I mean, you're always searching for that inspiration and we really need to be better as women about doing our research and finding women that inspire us and not be afraid or compare. I think that the problem is the comparison and basing our journeys off of these women when we can create our own journey.”

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